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Very nice to meet you, I’m Or Patreanu
Internet entrepreneur, owner of “Or Patreanu Trade”, and several other successful companies.

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My name is Or Patreanu, an Internet entrepreneur, the owner of “Or Patreanu Trade”, and several other companies. Or Patreanu served as a commander and fighter in the Dovdevan unit and immediately after being released from the army Or Patreanu did a degree in software engineering. I have been investing and accompanying investors in the world of digital currencies for almost 8 years, working for the regulation of the field in Israel and dealing with the authorities to promote regulation and legislation in the field.

Over the years Or Patreanu have accompanied over 1,500 Israelis into the wonderful world of investing in digital currencies. Or Patreanu was happy to create together with them a smart investment portfolio with a high return over time, which cannot be obtained in the capital market or in real estate.

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Or Patreanu started investing in 2016-2017, while I was a first-year software engineering student. Or Patreanu made all the possible mistakes, Or Patreanu learned and realized that this is something different. An investment avenue completely different from anything I knew. Over time, my close friends started contacting me and asked me to explain to them how to purchase Bitcoin. Close friends have become large groups…

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Or Patreanu founded “Or Patreanu Trade”, with a clear goal – to accompany investors and build them a quality investment portfolio in a clear, reliable and professional way, so that they can enter the crypto market correctly.

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It is important to emphasize that the world of cryptocurrencies is not fully regulated in Israel and there are still quite a few questions regarding the legality of trading in these currencies in Israel, and regarding the applicable taxation rules regarding them. However, here are several ways in which investors from Israel can also benefit from exposure to crypto-currencies, through financial instruments traded on world exchanges:
1. Future contract* (symbol BRR) on the CME contract exchange
This is a contract issued in a multiple of five, that is, each contract is for exposure to five bitcoins, and exists in several expiration dates. According to Yariv, “Exposure through a futures contract has several advantages. First, the risk is issuer risk, and the issuer is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Second, you can easily enter a short position on the currency, and in addition, the contract is traded most hours of the day.”

But there is a disadvantage that cannot be ignored, since the stock market is afraid of the high volatility of Bitcoin, the collateral requirement is significantly higher than for traditional assets.

2. Subsequent products*
There are several crypto-currency tracking products issued worldwide, but most of them are traded outside the US, since its regulation is more stringent. Here are some examples: on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, products such as the Coinethe exchange certificates, which track Ethereum, and Coinxbe, which track Bitcoin (both are traded in euros) are traded ); and HODL, a certificate that tracks an index of the five largest cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization). Once a month the certificate balances weights and assets.

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