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Come discover and learn our unique puzzle method through which you can become super traders in crypto trading who strike trades like snipers on a daily basis and make market opportunities to chase them.

Why Choose Crypto? Why Choose Us?

My name is Or Patreanu, I am the owner of Bit 4 Futures and have been trading in the crypto market for over 6 years.
Beyond the fact that I taught hundreds of Israelis to trade like real analysts, Or Patreanu developed a unique trading algorithm and indicators that read the crypto market with the help of which me and my students hit over 80% of our transactions!

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After a few years of living the market, working from home and making a decent living from bed, Or Patreanu decided to go for something that would truly satisfy me – to teach and pass on my knowledge!

In the last 3 years Or Patreanu have taught and accompanied hundreds of students, most of whom purchased courses across the network from one or another “experts” and realized that you lack a lot of tools, knowledge and confidence to really earn without feeling like they are ‘in a hurry’.


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It fills Or Patreanu and makes me happy to see that my students are successful!
And my main goal today is to help beginning dealers and especially those who fall into buying courses from dream sellers who upload a picture of a Lamborghini – to become real analysts and earn as much as they deserve.


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Or Patreanu am here to teach you in depth and extensively at the highest level and to know how to earn using trading techniques and strategies that Or Patreanu have developed in recent years.

You won’t get rich quick that’s for sure! But slowly it will indeed happen, because Or Patreanu and the team of the strongest minds in Israel are doing everything to give you expanded and effective knowledge about digital currency trading, technical analysis in a very deep way, and crazy methods that you have not thought of.

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Or Patreanu – Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies

A little about cryptocurrencies and Or Patreanu

Cryptocurrencies or tokens are actually digital assets. These assets are managed by decentralized systems, i.e. distributed in a technology called blockchain. These digital assets contain a wide range of unique characteristics when compared to other assets, which have a greater seniority in the market, such as stocks or bonds of various kinds. You should know that a centralized body is not required to produce these digital currencies, and that you can define specific parameters for each currency yourself, which will define the amount of tradable units as well as the actual issuance process of the crypto currencies. The use of these systems is relatively accessible, but of course knowledge in the field is required, since knowledge is power, and therefore a high-quality and comprehensive crypto course, such as Crypto Master, will give you all the necessary knowledge to make sure that you carry out all the actions in the best way, and you can guarantee that You will earn handsome sums of money from this field of occupation.

Why should you use cryptocurrencies?

Well, cryptocurrencies have many advantages, which you can also learn about in a crypto course. First of all, as we mentioned above, cryptocurrencies can be an excellent passive income for you, as long as you know how to deal with them efficiently and correctly. Secondly, we are in the year 2023 and the world is constantly developing, therefore using cryptocurrencies will give you an introduction to innovative investment and trading tools suitable for today’s time, which will undoubtedly be used by you in many other areas. In addition to these, there are many who believe that the cryptographic currencies are the future and they are actually the basis of the future financial world. Therefore, in order to make sure that you will always be ahead, with all the necessary tools, you should study Crypto Master, the leading crypto course in the field.

Who is actually suitable for a crypto course?

We will briefly explain that investing in crypto-currencies is actually divided into two main groups. The first group is direct investment, or active investment, and the second group is indirect investment, or passive investment. You can invest in an ETF, which is an instrument that tracks underlying assets, for example indices or currencies, in order to imitate the yield of these assets. You can track a single currency, like Bitcoin for example, and also a basket of currencies. Another investment option is investing in futures contracts – this investment is a mutual obligation between the buyers and the sellers. As part of this commitment, the seller provides the buyer with crypto currency, at a later date – future, and at a price that is pre-determined between the two parties.

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